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App house2view — Photo 360º Retail Management, for Ricoh Theta Versión. Real estate

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App House2View

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Customizable carpet

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Customizations to your viewers using instantaneous and homogeneous corporate templates

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Use our kit composed by the Ricoh Theta S + Tripod camera with our House2View application and photograph the properties of your clients


Upload your photos to House2View platform from the App.


The VTEP360 platform can accommodate  the spherical photos optimized for viewing on all available devices and different resolutions.


Add all kinds of data points   (or hotspots) to your panoramas in the form of text, image, sound, video, web links, etc.


Sharing your tours is even easier for your potential customers  (via Api, embed code or plugin WordPress) on your website, social networks, etc.


The House2View platform, allows you to download your tours, including all the hotspots you have included, so that they can be displayed in local media as media panels expos, CDs, and backup, etc


Manage your time effectively without having to move to buildings repeatedly. It will reduce fuel consumption and focus your efforts on what is important.


Through the mobile application you can privately promote real estate with 360º photography and Virtual Reality.
Innovative marketing within reach of any real estate.
Pre-show the property to your customers before moving or disturbing the owners.
Unnecessary business visits?
Reduce your publication time drastically. The working will become minutes. The cost of subscription fee is insignificant compared to the increase in the profitability of your work.
Optimize your sales times
Privately share virtual visits with your clients via e-mail or Whatshapp on a temporary basis or by number of views
Full control over your real estate offer
View your virtual tours with VR glasses, let your customers live within your virtual tours. Win a market projection never imagined.
Virtual Reality (VR)
Connect your spherical photos, edit tours, include hot spots, manage viewing and management permissions, share visits on any Web or Social Media site.
One system covers all
Download and deliver Full visit to your client on a DVD or memory stick
Panoramas without Light oversaturation
No photography or software knowledge is required to create a 360° Tour. You will be surprised how extremely easy to use our system.
What advantages does our system have?
Our application performs 5 shots per shot, to get the best result in each panorama.
Panoramas without Light oversaturation

Complete solution

Create your own virtual tours

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